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Anasayfa   Makale Bilgi Sistemi

YÖK No Yazar Tez Yıl Sayfa Danışman Tür Dil
Göster 918 1986 209 Ahmet Bican Ercilasun
Göster 869 Cemil Ertonga 1987 192 Ali Alpaslan
Göster 25991 ?eref Ate? Heimat lund gastland im spiegel der Migrantenliteratur-Anhand der susgewaehlten Autor-Inn-En- 1993 352 Doktora Almanca
Göster 36275 1994 922 Suna Kavsao?lu Doktora Almanca
Göster 36814 Mahmure Kahraman 1994 277 Gertrude Durusoy Doktora Almanca
Göster 43397 1995 307 ?erife Do?an Doktora Almanca
Göster 43867 1995 144 Nazire Akbulut Almanca
Göster 89064 1999 262 Cemil Arda Doktora Almanca
Göster 132921 2003 500 Doktora Almanca
Göster 144578 Nejdet Kele? Die polemische moral als literarisches analysemittel im gesamtschaffen von Frank Wedekind 2004 254 Doktora Almanca
Göster 188873 Yelda ?ahin 2005 231 Doktora Almanca
Göster 190519 Hatice ?ahin 2005 95 Fatih Tepeba??l? Almanca
Göster 52749 Nuray Aslan Traduction des "culturemes" dans la trilogie (Au-dela de la Montagne) de Ya?ar Kemal et analyse critique des procedes de traduction 1996 294 Doktora Frans?zca
Göster 52753 Abdulhalim Ayd?n Un Travil compare sur les trilogies de Jean Giono et de Ya?ar Kemal 1996 267 Doktora Frans?zca
Göster 61720 Problemes du temps chez Marcel Proust et Ahmet Hamdi Tanp?nar 1997 402 Doktora Frans?zca
Göster 125717 L' Etude des neologismes en Turc du point de vue sociolinguistique 2003 181 Doktora Frans?zca
Göster 4637 Ye?im Kotan A Stylistic analysis of a Turkish text with special reference to systemic functional grammar 1988 218 ?ngilizce
Göster 4639 Mustafa Aksan A Text linguistic approach to the study of texts in Turkish: Preliminaries to the study of coherence in terms of procedural approach 1988 211 Ahmet Kocaman ?ngilizce
Göster 15641 Didar Akar WH-questions in Turkish 1990 71 ?ngilizce
Göster 17015 Written text production in Turkish 1991 449 Ahmet Kocaman Doktora ?ngilizce
Göster 17110 Erhan Kara Figurative language in modern Turkish literature: Polysemy based on metaphors 1991 52 ?ngilizce
Göster 21113 Resmiye ?abi The Use of Turkish language in "Turkish pop music songs" 1992 149 Aysu Erden ?ngilizce
Göster 21114 A Textual analysis of news in the Turkish press 1992 233 Ahmet Kocaman Doktora ?ngilizce
Göster 32237 Comparasion of "general nations" in Turkish and English 1993 252 ?ngilizce
Göster 31777 Nalan Eren Language variation in "Three Popular Turkish Plays" 1994 69 ?ngilizce
Göster 36349 Dilek Dizdar Problems of terminology translation: The case of Turkish linguistic terminology 1994 141 Eser E. Taylan ?ngilizce
Göster 36350 Construction of sex-role in children's literature 1994 326 ?ngilizce
Göster 43150 Argument structure and idiomatic compounds in Turkish 1995 161 ?ngilizce
Göster 43461 ?nci Somuncu Botsal? Attitudes of university students from different educational, social and geographical backgronds towards Turkish varieties 1995 114 ?ngilizce
Göster 43471 A Stylistic analysis of Haldun Taner's short stories 1995 199 Doktora ?ngilizce
Göster 52117 Emre Side 1996 343 Selim Deringil ?ngilizce
Göster 53335 Meltem Kutay 1996 52 Nail Bezel ?ngilizce
Göster 73607 Social and demographic characteristics and fertility behaviour of main language groups in Turkey 1998 127 Attila Hanc?o?lu ?ngilizce
Göster 81341 Zekiye Ceyda Arslan Approaches to wh-structures in Turkish 1999 94 ?ngilizce
Göster 81871 The Translation of cultural features in Orhan Pamuk's "Beyaz Kale" and "Yeni Hayat" 1999 106 Asalet Erten ?ngilizce
Göster 82349 Y?lmaz Yald?r A study on nouns and nominal projections in Turkish 1999 176 Mustafa Aksan ?ngilizce
Göster 87488 Yadigar Oral Problems of argumentative composition and short essay writing 1999 128 ?ngilizce
Göster 94971 Analyzing the early republican ideology with specific reference to the Turkish literature: 1930-1945 2000 135 E. Fuat Keyman ?ngilizce
Göster 102029 Meral Bulut A Comparative study of death in Turkish and English literatures 2000 47 ?ngilizce
Göster 101592 Case grammar and case roles in Turkish 2001 205 Mustafa Aksan ?ngilizce
Göster 101614 Aspectotemporal system in Turkish: Actional content and recategorization of Turkish verbs 2001 214 Ye?im Aksan ?ngilizce
Göster 102023 The Critique of gender in Murathan Mungan`s modern tales 2001 89 ?ngilizce
Göster 103703 2001 70 ?ngilizce
Göster 103862 A Comperative analysis of Turkish and English according to LFG and a LFG model for Turkish syntax 2001 110 ?ngilizce
Göster 107030 Hayat: The ideology of a nationalist periodical in the early republican period (1926-29) 2001 212 Zafer Toprak ?ngilizce
Göster 107031 The Great wars of the first quarter of the twentieth century and the representation of war in selected works in European and Turkish literature 2001 102 Zafer Toprak ; Halil Berktay ?ngilizce
Göster 107034 The Representation of gender, love, family and sexuality in the canonical and non-canonical novels of the early republican period 2001 206 ?ngilizce
Göster 107044 Funda Soysal A Story of the first constitutional period from the early republican era 2001 132 Zafer Toprak ?ngilizce
Göster 107046 Aliye Fatma Matarac? Family stories: Constructing a family narrative 2001 111 ?ngilizce
Göster 122243 Firdevs Ula? Syntactic and semantic analysis of positional purpose and reason clauses in Turkish 2002 120 Ye?im Aksan ?ngilizce
Göster 122245 Ya?am U. B?ld?rc?n Syntactic and semantic analysis of modal adverbs in Turkish 2002 132 Ye?im Aksan ?ngilizce
Göster 130180 Evaluation of Turkish language and literature programmes from the point of view of its appliers and opinions about its practicability 2003 91 ?ngilizce
Göster 132775 Barbaros Da?deviren Analysing informal conversation with a focus on the pragmatic functions of Turkish interjections 2003 138 ?ngilizce
Göster 137114 Analysis of some semantic primitives in Turkish with special reference of Jackendoff`s conceptual semantics 2003 153 Ye?im Aksan ?ngilizce
Göster 137121 A study on Turkish reduplcations: Some observations on form and function of reduplication 2003 116 Mustafa Aksan ?ngilizce
Göster 137143 Demet Corcu A Linguistic analysis of necessity as a part of the modal system in Turkish 2003 179 Mustafa Aksan ?ngilizce
Göster 137719 Hatice Kava 2003 318 Cihan Okuyucu ?ngilizce
Göster 140149 Self-reflexivity in postmodernist texts: A comparative study of the works of John Fowles and Orhan Pamuk 2003 122 Doktora ?ngilizce
Göster 140530 ?pek Seyal?o?lu Anthologized poetry from English and French in Turkish transtlation (1985-1995) 2003 190 Saliha Paker ?ngilizce
Göster 140558 Atanur Memi? 2003 106 ?ngilizce
Göster 140571 From propoganda to national identity construction: Turkish literature and the First World War, 1914-1918 2003 570 Zafer Toprak Doktora ?ngilizce
Göster 141016 Yasemin Tuksal Over-interpretation in the translation of cryptic poetry 2003 119 Suat Karantay ?ngilizce
Göster 140933 The interactive effects of language proficieny level and context on subjects`performance in vocabulary tests of matching and gap-filling 2004 96 ?ngilizce
Göster 163070 Cemal Demircio?lu From discourse to practice: Rethinking "translation" (terceme) and related practices of text production in the late Ottoman literary tradition 2005 446 Saliha Paker Doktora ?ngilizce
Göster 187884 Hulusi Akar Harbord Military Mission to Armenia: The story of an American fact finding mission and its effects on Turkish-American relations 2005 251 Zafer Toprak Doktora ?ngilizce
Göster 187916 Pelin Batu Wallace Stevens Melih Cevdet Anday: The poetics of supreme fiction 2005 98 Cevza Sergen ?ngilizce
Göster 188117 Ba?ak Ergil The Image of Naz?m Hikmet and his poetry in Angle-American literary systems in 2002 2005 301 ?smail Kaplan ?ngilizce
Göster 188124 Ay?e Ayhan Translation and the authorial image: Reception of Latife Tekin`s literary works within the source and the target culture(s) 2005 196 Saliha Paker ?ngilizce
Göster 190591 The Pakistani diaspora in Hanif Kureishi`s three short stories: We`re not jews, with your tongue down my throat and my son the fanatic 2005 113 ?ngilizce
Göster 204830 2005 102 Yusuf Hakan Erdem ?ngilizce
Göster 188801 Topics in syntax-phonology interface in Turkish: Sentential stress and phases 2006 236 Meltem Kelepir ?ngilizce
Göster 188991 ?lknur Oded Control in Turkish 2006 163 ?ngilizce
Göster 189000 Variable wh-words in Turkish 2006 82 ?ngilizce
Göster 190316 A comparative study of the belief systems in Beowulf and the Book of Dede Korkut 2006 114 ?ngilizce
Göster 205113 Zeynep Simavi 2006 102 Ayten Co?kuno?lu Bear ; Necmi Erdo?an ?ngilizce
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